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This fireplace features a monolithic, polished cast-glass surround #1148   that measures H: 40” x W: 40” and is comprised of three sections: the Lintel: 44” x  5” and two Verticals at 40” x 5”. All three sections have bubbles and veiling consistent with our Hot Molten Glass Hand Poured Technique. 

Fire_1138 copy-rev.jpg
fire_1138_d copy-rev.jpg
Hot Molten Glass Hand Poured Veiling

We created the mosaic pattern displayed on this Serge Roche-style fireplace by using our hand-rolled Watery Glass and back-gilding the center field with Palladium leaf. To create interest, and at the designer's request, we back-gilded the borders in Japanese Black Silver. By using this combination of leaf along with the rubbed technique and black background, we were able to achieve the smoky appearance that the designer requested for this project.

Varieties of Cast Glass Fireplace Surrounds
Stephen Cavallo Cast Glass Fireplace Surrounds
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